I talk about helping people gain more confidence and self-belief to achieve their goals and get what they want in life and business. And I do. The results clients get from working with me have been amazing and life-changing.

But really, if I were to sum up my work in one or two words, regardless of which issue a client came to me with, I’d say therapy’s a journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.

Getting to know yourself more and more.

Working out what you personally need to feel happy and fulfilled.

Taking better care of yourself.

Nurturing and encouraging yourself like you would your own child.

Putting on your own oxygen mask first before you assist others.

Rock Bottom

This is what I’ve been working on myself for the past 20 years.

In my late twenties, I had a nervous breakdown where I couldn’t get out of bed. I cried a lot and lost all motivation to do anything. My then-boyfriend-now-husband tried to help me but he didn’t know what to do either.

I hit rock bottom and realised that I needed to seek professional help. I was ready for change and I didn’t care which form it took, as long as I could get out of the hole of despair I felt I was in.

Luckily, I found a good psychotherapist. Over the course of two years, she helped me to unravel the mess of my thoughts and begin to understand my past.

I did a ton of self-work, too. I discovered self-help books and I started my journey with Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.

Those were my first steps towards self-acceptance and self-love.

It’s been a bumpy road, I must admit. But then again, that’s life, isn’t it?

Becoming a mum for the first time sixteen years ago threw me into turmoil again. I found it difficult to adjust to not being just me. I felt that my child was almost an extension of me. My identity was lost for a while there because I was so immersed in being a mum 24/7. I felt so overwhelmed.

So I did a few sessions with the same therapist and learnt how to say, “I” again instead of only, “we”. And that it wasn’t selfish to do that; it’s ok.

More lessons in self-love.

Discovering The Magic Key

And then I stumbled across a hypnosis CD in a weight loss book. And so my hypnosis journey began.

Hypnosis really turbo-charged my understanding of me, who I am and where I come from. Hypnosis has helped me heal past wounds. Forgive others and me. Accept the past. Find closure. Let go. Move on.

Love myself more and more.

How Hypnosis Has Changed Me

Hypnosis helped me practically overnight to deeply, calmly believe in myself after years of criticism wrapped in back-handed praise in my childhood, (“That’s great, Suzanne, but…)

Until then, I’d never celebrated my wins. I always thought I could have done something better.

Picking holes in everything. Brushing off compliments and praise. Thinking friends were just saying nice things to cheer me up.

Worrying about what other people thought. Trying to please them and in the end disappointed everyone, including myself.

Hypnosis changed all that.

In fact, I was so in awe of the power and gentleness of hypnosis that I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. I really wanted to be able to support others using this powerful tool and my life experience. I’m so grateful I can help deeply transform people’s lives like mine was transformed.

Helping my clients move towards self-acceptance and self-love. The ultimate goal of therapy 💖

If you would like help achieving your goal (and moving towards self-love), book a chat here and let’s talk.

Thank you for reading my blog and I’m looking forward to serving you again soon.

Love and all the best from,