Bad Hair Day?

What is holding you back from being becoming more visible in your business? Why do you not do more videos or Facebook Lives? Or post more content to promote your business?

Is it because you might be having a bad hair day so that stops you?

Or you second guess yourself and think, well, have I really got anything to say?

Do you not like the way you sound?

Or might you have a spot brewing on your chin, and you just think, urgh!

People Don’t Care

The thing is, people don’t care about any of that.

They’re so wrapped up in their own world that they just don’t notice these things about you. They’re busy thinking about their own problems, challenges and situation, not yours. They’re not being selfish, it’s human nature to put no.1 first. You might think, “Oh, look at my hair, it’s just awful! I haven’t had it cut for ages!” But I assure you, nobody notices.

What They Care About Instead

What they noticed, though, is if you have something valuable to share. Quality content that can help them. That’s much more important than slightly dishevelled hair, less than perfect make-up (or lack of) or a croaky voice due to a cold.

This is the difference that determines whether your potential clients scroll on by or stop.

To take the time to listen to your video.

To read your post.

To engage with you by liking, commenting or sharing.

And sending you a message to book a discovery call.

And you DO have something valuable to share – trust me!

How long have you been doing what you do? How many qualifications and courses have you done? How passionate are you about helping people? How many great testimonials from previous clients do you have?

See, so get sharing 🙂

Be Memorable

So let’s say you you start showing up regularly on social media to promote your business with valuable content. You know that that’s the way that you can better showcase your services to potential clients. People get to know you well that way.

Sprinkle in a few videos so that they get to know the real you (yes, you are good enough, you are gorgeous enough and you are likeable just the way you are!)

They read your posts, watch your videos and say to themselves, “Hmm, she’s a great bloke! I can work with her.” They remember you because you’ve given them a good tip, helpful advice or some quality content. And they’ve started to build a relationship with you – all-important in the digital age of disconnect.

It’s An Inside Job

You have the power to do this!

Because it’s all inside of you – yes, it is! Your power might be buried under a few layers of self-doubt, self-sabotage and perfectionism. But the power to change and the power to do this is definitely there.

So that you show up how YOU want to show up, not how anybody’s telling you to show up. So that you’re authentic, you’re genuine and you just get on with it, you just do it. You put Facebook on, do a FB live, press publish and get on with your day. You don’t worry or procrastinate about it anymore. You just do it. Next!

Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Just think about all the potential clients you’ll inspire, help and connect with. And the ripple effect of them reaching out to you will become consistent so that you can leap to the next level in your business!

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