Website launch is go!!  O.M.G., have I been working my socks off these last four weeks!  Yes, my family still has clean clothes and food in their tummies, and I still go to my day job, but apart from that, everything else has had to take a backseat.

It’s been an amazing time.  I’ve met some wonderful women online in the website bootcamp, who juggle a zillion different balls, just like me, but make it work, just like me.  Did I think a few months ago that you could create a website from scratch in 4 weeks?  Absolutely not!  But now it’s reality and it feels soooo good.

I’ve learned that a website is always a #WorkInProgress, so it might not be *perfect* yet, but hey, one of my new mottos this year is #ProgressNotPerfection.  My creativity will evolve and so will the way I serve women like you too.  That’s the fun part about being your own boss and doing what you feel passionate about.  Let’s see where this journey takes me.

I’m proud of my efforts and hope you like it too.  Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your feedback.

So, let the celebrations and the good work begin.  I am now officially ready to serve my clients in the best possible way with one-on-one coaching and workshops to help them help themselves to achieve their goals, break through their mindset blocks, change their outdated beliefs and move forward with their beautiful, love-filled lives.  If you feel ready to do the work (or even if you don’t feel ready just yet), why not book a free initial contact call with me and take it from there?

And if you think anyone you know might benefit from talking to me, please feel free to forward my contact details.