Looking Back With Joy

Another year is over and a fresh, blank page is spread out before us.

How exciting!

I don’t know about you but I love taking the time to reflect on my achievements, adventures and learnings at the end of the year to round it off nicely.

I do this with a guy called Jim Bunch who I stumbled across during a course. His way of reviewing the year takes about an hour and I find I get so much out of it! I print out his workbook in advance and either listen and participate live to his review process with hundreds of other people or catch the recording on his Facebook page.

It’s really simple and I discover so many more wins using his method. Here they are in random order:

Work Wins

  1. At the beginning of 2018, it took 17 days of writing down daily that I wanted “more time for my hypnosis practice” to be able to leave the salaried job and work environment in which I was very unhappy. In other words, I was suddenly made redundant. It was one of the best things that happened to me last year!
  2. I lost 8 kilos / 16 pounds and kept them off using only hypnosis.
  3. I did daily marketing on Facebook for 5 months non-stop and counting (July-December).
  4. I worked both in English and German, locally and online, with some truly fabulous clients. My ideal clients through and through.
  5. I transformed the way I work with my clients: From single sessions to working with them for one to three months. So much more satisfying and successful for both parties!
  6. I received a ton of wonderful feedback and testimonials.
  7. I travelled to the UK for two six-day Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses and did one online, all three on hypnotherapy.
  8. I organised a female online business buddy weekend get-together here in Kassel in June. We’d only ever met online before and we got on like a house on fire!
  9. I wrote down my goals every day.
  10. I got a new monitor for my desk.
  11. I did consistent self-hypnosis mid-way through the afternoon as a way to recharge my batteries and to achieve my goals.
  12. I networked online like a MOFO and got to know so many other amazing female business owners.
  13. I founded a local female entrepreneur Meet-Up group.
  14. I was supervised a number of times by an experienced Transforming TherapyTM therapist and gained so much insight from her.

Personal Wins

  1. We reduced our debt and increased our savings.
  2. I got British passports for my sons (they’re now dual-nationals like me).
  3. We had a wonderful time in Switzerland at Easter visiting close friends.
  4. We went to the UK in the summer played “tourists” and spent time with family and friends.
  5. I saw some friends who live in different cities to me in Germany.
  6. In November, our youngest son came off medication for ADHD which he had been taking on school days since January 2017 (Woohoo!! So proud of his hard work and progress).
  7. I hypnotised my husband to feel calm and relaxed at the dentist’s (he’s had The Fear since a bad childhood experience). It worked!
  8. Our dog, Bonito, was successfully operated on to remove an enormous bladder stone.
  9. I consistently wrote in my gratitude and self-praise journal before sleeping.
  10. I continued my decluttering journey.
  11. We upgraded some things in our house (small but significant items).
  12. My husband and I worked together on improving aspects of our relationship (we’ve been together for 25 years!) 😍
  13. I read a lot and listened to audio books too.
  14. I got between 6 and 8 hours sleep every night.


When you reflect on your year with helpful prompts it’s unbelievable to recognise what you’ve achieved and what has changed!

I don’t do this to brag, though. I had a number of learnings, disappointments and frustrations in 2018 too – but I choose not to concentrate on them. Instead I choose to focus on the WINS. Who doesn’t want a natural high from all the happy hormones they produce?!

Looking forwards

After capturing the many highlights from last year, it’s natural to feel motivated to set some goals and expectations for 2019, right?

So, what are my plans for 2019?

Well, you might know the phrase, “You make plans. God laughs.”

I know you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the next twelve months.

No one can.

But if I plan and focus on my goals, take baby steps towards them each day and visualise the outcome regularly, I have the power to influence time and space to make it happen. Or something even better. To everyone’s highest good.

I really, truly, deep-down believe that.

Plus I can add a dash of hypnosis to the magic formula – there’s nothing like getting your subconscious mind in on the game to make things really move!

I haven’t finalised my ideas for my goals yet. When I do I’ll craft some goal-oriented affirmations, design a vision board and a poster with all my favourite sayings and motivational quotes. I’ll hang them in my office where I can see them every day.

I’ll change my laptop password to reflect my goals. Set up affirmation notifications to pop up on my phone throughout the day to keep me on target.

And sit back and watch this space! (Well, I won’t literally just sit and wait for things to happen – I’ll be taking those baby steps, writing down my goals every day, visualising and getting excited about what goodies the Universe has in store for me!)

Goals for 2019

  1. I want to take and pass my Transforming Therapy™ diploma examinations (the diploma is not essential to be a good hypnotherapist but I want to be a great one).
  2. I would love to continue supervision for TT™ hypnotherapy.
  3. I’d like to adopt some of the traits of my business heroines (so they’re going on my vision board too – what a geeky groupie I am, hee hee!)
  4. I would like to employ a weekly house cleaner again.
  5. I want more wealth, adventure, pleasure, good health and even better relationships in my life.
  6. I want to BE more and DO less (A recent message I received: “I’m right where I should be. I don’t need to try so hard. I’m not missing a thing.” Juicy! It’s gonna be fun becoming mindful of that one whenever I get frustrated with my progress.)
  7. I would love to become stronger, more flexible and have more stamina.
  8. We would like a two-week summer holiday in the sun in July 2019.
  9. We want to pay off the rest of our consumer debt by August 2019.
  10. I want consistent income doing what I love and what fulfills me.

Leave it to the Universe

Some of them sound a bit vague but that’s a good thing because it allows the Universe to do its good work without me micromanaging the living daylights out of a goal.

I’m sure I won’t manage to realise all of them. Or rather, I might decide that I don’t want some of them that badly. Or the Universe might surprise me by providing something different and much better!

So I’m keeping my options open.

But I’m sure the more I write my important goals down and look at my vision board, the more I’ll be consciously and subconsciously working towards achieving them.

Watch this space!

Hypnosis + Goals = Magic

If you would like help achieving your goals with the added magic of hypnosis, or would like to find out what’s stopping you from getting what you want, whenever you’re ready, book a chat here and let’s talk.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading and I look forward to serving you again soon!

All the best,