“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein –

quantum leap 1:1 Programme

* Between nine (9) and twelve (12) week bespoke VIP one-to-one programme

* Weekly sessions (approx. 90 minutes each)

* One powerful personalised hypnotic programming recording

* Your investment level is determined at the end of your Breakthrough Session

You’re ready for change! You want to jump straight in with a bespoke programme because you know that will get you the best possible outcome. You want a specialised programme tailored to your individual needs so that you can become how you’d love to be, gain great movement and achieve positive change in the shortest possible time.

You’ll also receive a personalised hypnotic audio recording to listen to daily to keep up the good work we do in the sessions.

Imagine feeling so much more like yourself, free and light, confidently moving from one amazing achievement to the next!

Please note: At the end of your powerful Breakthrough Session, there are three options.

1. I will either tell you that I can’t help you and refer you to a colleague (and you will get your money back).

2. Or we will create a programme together that will achieve the outcome that you desire (and you will get the cost of the Breakthrough Session deducted from your Programme investment).

3. Or you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of the Breakthrough Session and will want to work through the resulting tasks yourself.

As you can see, this is a highly individual process and that’s why I cannot quote an investment level beforehand.

I do not use a set formula, agenda, or protocol because we are all individuals with different needs and wants. When you work with me, YOU are the agenda. So, throughout the programme, I use a mixture of your needs and wants in the moment and my professional judgement to determine the pace and direction to achieve your desired outcome.

So what do you want to change and how would you love to be?

“Be happy with what you have

while working for what you want.”

– Helen Keller –

what Satisfied clients say

“I feel like a different person.”

I signed up to work with Suzanne nearly a year ago after a friend referred me. At the time, I was struggling with general anxiety and was overwhelmed by daily stresses of life. I was lacking my usual energy and frustrated to not be feeling my typical self. I was uncertain about my future goals and unable to think clearly enough to start making progress towards them.

Fast forward 10 months, after working with Suzanne to address these issues. I feel like a different person. I am much calmer and better able to manage my daily stresses. I am full of energy and optimistic about the future. I have a clear vision of my goals, and have been achieving them, one after another, at a seemingly non-stop pace.

Suzanne is very easy to open up to, and makes her clients feel very safe and comfortable. She is very perceptive and quickly gets to the root causes of the issues at hand. You will notice progress after just one session with her, and massive transformations after a few sessions.

The best part of working with her is the fact that you are provided with audio tapes to continue making progress in your own time and when it best suits you.

I highly recommend working with Suzanne if you are looking for options to get yourself out of a rut and start living the life you’ve always imagined.


American Global Project Manager for an international organisation living and working in Germany

“The impact Suzanne had on me is simply remarkable!”

After just a few sessions with Suzanne, I can now look forward to a brighter future!  The impact she had on me is simply remarkable!

She almost instantaneously picked up on the negativity that was once holding me back from living life to the fullest.

For those who want effective and fast help that goes deep into the core of problems, then please, for your own sake, book your private sessions with Suzanne to experience the joy of breaking free, just as I have!


Australian expat living in Germany

What do you want to change? How would you love to be?