“I felt blocked, my head was spinning and I felt more negativity than positivity.  Looking back, I had a loss of self-confidence in a professional way. 


Things that I used to do really well were going badly because of the change of roles, more stress and moving country.


  • I lost my mojo.
  • I couldn’t go forwards.
  • I wasn’t where I expected myself to be. 
  • I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

I knew the clock was ticking on my job – I had to do something to stop myself from being fired. 


I’d moved from a safe job in an old-fashioned company where I’d felt confident for 10 years and moved to play with the big boys.


I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.


I knew from the start that I had to really prove myself in this new role as a trader.  I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.  I second-guessed every single move and I made huge financial losses.


Before, I used to be carefree and relaxed, not worrying about the outcome because I knew it would all work out fine in the end. I used to be able to handle it. But I couldn’t any more.”




“I reached out to you, Suzanne, after seeing a post of yours on LinkedIn that resonated with me. 


We worked together for four sessions.


I was very impressed with the first session to see how open I was for hypnosis. 

Then the breakthrough was when we did the deep analysis session. After that, it went “click” in my head. 


I loved the whole package and the professional way you worked with me. Things just developed in my mind so that I could help myself and boom!


I liked that you didn’t tell me what to do. You held up the mirror and guided me to understand what I saw in the mirror. You helped me to help myself. This was the biggest breakthrough.


When I reflect on working with you, Suzanne, it felt like we just had a chat and everything was good again.


But I know that it was a process of a few weeks where I was thinking a lot and listening to your audios every day on the train to work. 


But after the problem was gone, I was able to move on and didn’t need the audios or your help anymore.”




“I became myself again and I got braver. 


My boss told me he was happy with my work and I was able to take that on board because I was open to his feedback and felt positive and on top again.


Then at the end of the year, I turned the financial loss into a big profit.


I got a decent bonus. I will get an even bigger bonus this year. And there is a rumour that I’m in line for a big promotion!


I would definitely recommend you to people who are stuck and feel blocked, who don’t know how to move forwards and who want to get their mojo and confidence back quickly, effectively and on a long-term basis!


Now all I worry about is what to order for lunch. Essential problems, right?”