This is what I’m passionate about in my hypnotherapy practice.

Wealth of Reasons

People come to me, women mainly, for all sorts of reasons.

They want to find out how they’re holding themselves back in their work, their business or in part of their life.

They’re anxious in social situations and want to become more confident instead.

They want to become more visible in their business or at work.

Some feel overwhelmed and stressed and would love to feel calm and in control instead.

Or learn to trust their instincts.

They don’t feel good enough at what they do and would like to achieve anything they put their minds to.

A wealth of different reasons, really.

What I’m Passionate About

My superpower or the thing that I’m passionate about, that I love giving my wonderful clients and that I’m really good at giving them, is a belief in themselves.

It gives my clients such a boost and really transforms their lives when they realise that they have all the answers inside of them. It unlocks something magical and I love watching them go from strength to strength.

They might have a little voice in their heads telling them to do things in a certain way. They’re often second-guessing themselves and doubting, saying, “Oh is this the right thing to think or should I really be doing this or should I really be doing that?”

In the trance part of the hypnosis sessions (which is basically very, very deep relaxation and focused attention and usually lasts between 20 to 45 mins, depending on whether regression is necessary or not), we access the subconscious mind to find out what it has to say for itself.

Once my clients are in a trance, they become clear on what is right for them because their subconscious mind is telling them, they’re feeling it.

Your subconscious mind is simply another word for your instinct or your intuition, your inner guidance, that kind of thing. The feelings and messages my clients receive, hear and feel in a trance are in line with their true selves and that really excites them!

Oh, I love doing this part so much because people get more trust in their own thinking, their own feelings. They feel more confident to start doing what’s right for them.

Finding Your Own Way

Instead of running around pleasing everyone else and doing what they think they should be doing, or what they think everybody else thinks they should be doing.

I help them break free of that old behaviour.  I assist them in believing in their own ability to find the right solution for themselves.

So really that’s what most of my work boils down to. I absolutely love doing this!

Being the cheerleader for my clients and supporting them in discovering their own way. Helping them to differentiate between what’s right for them and what everyone else expects them to do. Or what they’ve been brought up to do or believe.

My clients are mainly in conflict with their thoughts and feelings because they’re feeling and thinking what other people think they should be doing. Or how they’ve been trained to think since childhood.

But because of the conflict, the reason that the client has come to me, it’s obviously not right for the individual in front of me now who wants and needs to break free. Do their own thing, trust their own instincts and follow their inner wisdom. I help my clients to get in tune with what’s right for them.

Selfless, Selfish and Doing What’s Right For You

And it is quite possible to do that without being “selfish” too!

The old-fashioned concept of not being selfish is to be selfLESS, i.e. to sacrifice yourself for others and put yourself last. Especially for women.

But it is definitely not selfish to do what your inner wisdom is telling you to do!

Trusting and following your instincts, instead of what everyone else expects of you, is something that’s extremely healthy.

Remember the flight safety instructions? “Put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist others.”

You’re going to be much more helpful and useful to other people – your clients, your colleagues and to your family – if you’re looking after yourself. And that includes trusting your own instincts and doing what’s right for you.

I absolutely love helping my clients tune in with their subconscious mind and finding their own solutions and way forwards. Finally believing in themselves.

That’s what I’m really passionate about!

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