This week in my coaching work, I’ve been delving into the existential question of who we really are and how we can learn to love ourselves more (but not in a heavy way ūüėú).

Who Are You?

We can find out a lot about ourselves in a number of ways.¬† We can do things like personality and strengths tests, introvert vs. extrovert quizzes and Highly Sensitive Person¬†questionnaires.¬† What makes us¬†tick and¬†who are we really?¬† There are a lot of tests and quizzes out there and I’m sure if you google them you’ll find one that works for you.

Over the years, this type of test and the information it’s given me has really helped me.¬† ¬†They’ve increased my confidence because I can now put into words and FEEL who I really am and how I tick.¬† And ultimately I’ve learnt to love who I am as I am.

How Else They Help

Plus, I could explain in job interviews and to bosses how I work best and how I can contribute to the company.

It’s helped me enormously to analyse how I can best help my clients by utilising my strengths and working on my weaknesses.

And it’s boosted my self-esteem and self-worth by highlighting my uniqueness and special qualities.

Because, after all, I strongly believe we are all¬†on this planet for a reason.¬† The Universe wanted us here and I feel¬†it’s our duty to give the world our special¬†gift!

Because Remember…

You are wonderful and special and just perfect the way you are.¬† Don’t let anyone tell you differently – even you!¬† (You just might need to get to know and love who you are a little better).

Need Help?

However, if you’re sceptical and think a personality test is not your cup of tea or it’s not going to change anything anyway…

Or if you feel too stuck or pessimistic for something like a test to boost your confidence and make a change to your self-belief and courage…

…but, if you KNOW you’re READY FOR CHANGE and would love professional, guided help to find out who you truly are.¬† Learn to love and embrace it, transforming your life into one of joy, optimism and ease.¬† Then please¬†arrange a¬†free, initial contact call with me here.

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