I once asked a client what she wanted to achieve through working with me. Her reply was, “To clear the negativity and anxiety. To feel normal and confident again. To feel calm, happy and positive”.

She felt hopeful but a little nervous about working with me.

She felt hopeful because I’d really helped a good friend of hers turn her life around.

She was also a little nervous because she’d done years of psychotherapy which had helped a bit but hadn’t got rid of the underlying issues. She wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy would work either.

Doing The Work

We worked together for four 90-minute sessions – three last year close together and one top-up session this year.

In the sessions, we worked on firstly calming her down by teaching her how to deeply relax. After years of anxiety plus four small kids, she really needed that as a basis to do the rest of the work.

In the second session, we worked on her feelings of sadness and loneliness that she had and also on looking after herself in a more loving and caring way.

When she came to the third session two weeks later, she reported that her husband was really noticing how much her stress levels had gone down and that she was much calmer at home with the kids.

It transpired that we needed to work on self-acceptance and self-love in that session.

The Magic Ingredient

Throughout the time, she was listening to the personalised hypnotic audios that I made for her every session. This was keeping up the good work we’d done during the sessions.

She was so grateful that I helped her release so much stuff! Working with me helped her get clarity on how she wanted to move forwards with her freelance consulting work and to start making plans.

Back For More

Early this year, she contacted me again for a top-up session. She had moved forwards in leaps and bounds with her consulting, working on several projects since we last spoke. This time, she was looking to work with me to help her through the interview phase of landing her dream job abroad.

She told me that she felt quite confident right now but wanted to make sure that she felt clear thinking, competent and confident when presenting herself and answering questions in the interview. She wanted to make sure she shone during this phase so that she could realise a long-held dream of working for this particular organisation.

Healing The Past

During the session, I felt it necessary to do some deep feelings work and age regression with her. I asked her if she would like to and she agreed.

In the regression, she went back to a scene where her mother had been overly critical of her in front of others. My client had felt deeply embarrassed and had been openly shamed for speaking her mind.

I helped her move through this episode until she decided to forgive her mother and also herself. It was time to parent herself and give herself exactly what she needs and no longer rely on others to give it to her.

Release, Happiness and Transformation!

After the session, she felt very light, as if there had been a release (there had been!) and she felt a deep sense of happiness.
Here’s an extract of what she had to say in a testimonial a few weeks later:

Fast forward 10 months [since starting working with Suzanne] I feel like a different person. I am much calmer and better able to manage my daily stresses. I am full of energy and optimistic about the future. I have a clear vision of my goals and have been achieving them one after the other at a seemingly non-stop pace.

Suzanne is very easy to open up to and makes her clients feel very safe and comfortable. She is very perceptive and quickly gets to the root causes of the issues at hand. You will notice progress after just one session with her and massive transformation after a few sessions.

I highly recommend working with Suzanne if you are looking for options to get yourself out of a rut and start living the life you’ve always imagined.

This made my heart sing!

Does this story resonate with you? Do you feel like you can empathise with my client?

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