Do you consider yourself forgetful? Do you feel at the end of the day that you got nothing done again? Is your mind spinning from All. The. Things?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are neither forgetful, unproductive nor going crazy! You’ve got TONS on your plate, organising and planning your life and others’.  Not to mention all the things for work.
If you want to remember more things, get more done and calm your mind, get into the habit of writing EVERYTHING down AND scheduling it in your calendar.

(Get it) out of your head!

Get it out of your head by using paper and/or digital tools.
I use both.

I’m signed up to Asana (online and free!) where I brain dump AND schedule my To Dos (fabulous feature!).  I have different “boards” or projects for my business and personal life. It’s super easy to type in a new task and schedule it.  Set yourself reminder notifications, and off you go!

I sign in to Asana every day on my laptop and go to the My Tasks section on the top left.  I work through my tasks, feeling satisfied when I tick them off.

There’s also an Asana app.  So if I remember something else to do and am not on my laptop, I put it in Asana on my phone straight away and schedule it.  It stops the thing cluttering my brain, stops me forgetting it and reminds me when to do it.

Pen and paper

You can’t beat good ol’ paper and pen, as well, though!  So, in addition, I always have my trusty Filofax to hand.  I’ve experimented with different calendar versions and a page per day is working well for me.

I divide the pages vertically into appointments on the left and to-dos on the right.  I can see at a glance, without going near an electronic device, what’s going on in the next few days.  I can also jot down anything else I want to remind myself to do/people to phone/ideas for dinner/birthdays etc.  (I use a Pilot Frixion pen which is erasable and keeps things tidy).

Schedule it!

I also put appointments in my Google Calendar with reminders to double things up. (An added bonus is that Google Calendar syncs with my client booking system so I’m never double-booked).

I set calendar notifications which means I get a friendly beep on my phone to remind me I have to leave home soon to take my son to judo training/get on Zoom for a client session/phone the doctor.

What a relief not to have to look at the clock every 5 minutes before an appointment and then get side-tracked and be late!  If this is you, it’s not you, if you know what I mean. We all have busy lives. We physically can’t remember all the things all the time.  Scheduling a reminder beep takes the pressure off.

Taking the time to write things down and to schedule them is soooo worth it.  It calms your mind AND you remember more things AND you get a lot more done. How cool is that?!

Habit stacking

How can YOU get more organised, remember more things, become more productive and reduce the crazy in your life today?

Warning! Don’t rush in and try to do everything all at once because it might lead to failure and disappointment.

Change ONE habit at a time.  Do it daily for at least three weeks.  Exercise that one new muscle and get it strong.  Only THEN, add another new habit. Rinse and repeat to stack your new habits.

Become a productivity superstar

If you’re thinking, “yeah, yeah, I’ve tried all this and it didn’t work, I’m still as disorganised as I was when I was a student!” then something deeper might be holding you back (like perfectionism, procrastination, fear of criticism, fear of success, fear of failure….)

The good news is that hypnosis is PERFECT for quickly getting to the core and clearing out your old, unwanted, outdated beliefs and programming. Clear it out, decide on what you DO want more of in your life and watch yourself progress easily from one success to the next.  Become a productivity superstar!

Want to talk about how I can help you?  Tell me what you’d like to work on, what you’d like to change or achieve.  And ask me questions about hypnosis. Book a chat here and let’s talk.