Where Do You Want To Go, Suzanne?

As I’ve mentioned before, even the coach needs a coach from time to time because sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Recently, I had a very interesting and enlightening Zoom call with a coaching colleague and business buddy, Sonja Shahan.

Sonja is an extraordinary coach for women.  She has made me laugh out loud with her witty comments, and made me think with her razor-sharp observations in one of our FB biz groups.

I decided I wanted to get to know her better and signed up for a call.

I’d written in her pre-call questionnaire that I’d been lacking energy the past few months and that I sometimes felt overwhelmed with doing ALL THE THINGS at work and home and with the kids… ugh, you know what I’m talking about.  The list is endless.

In addition, when I’m tired, I find the vibes difficult to cope with in an otherwise all-male household (even our dog is of the leg-cocking kind).  You know, all that burping and farting, play-fighting and occasional testosterone-fuelled bluntness/latent aggression.  Some evenings, straight from the dining table, I give in and drag myself off to bed for peace and quiet, chick lit and an early night.

Destination: THERE

In the call, I said to Sonja that I feel like when I get THERE, then I’ll feel better.

When I achieve THIS, then I’ll feel calmer.

When we have THAT, then I’ll have more energy.

She listened intently and when I was finished she asked me two simple questions:

Where do you want to go, Suzanne?

Where is THERE?

It totally stopped me in my tracks.

I had no idea of the answer.

It even kind of scared me, if I’m honest.

What if there wasn’t a THERE?

What if there was nowhere to go?

And then I realised one essential thing:

I’ve been struggling and striving all my life to reach an unknown destination.

It’s in my genes, as a Londoner, to strive and struggle, programmed to inch my way up the social/financial/status ladder.  Doing all I can to get higher, further, faster.

Although I’ve been away from that pressure and environment for over 20 years, it seems to still have its hold on me.

But Sonja gave me permission to just BE and not DO.

I am THERE already.

I’m OK here.

Let it go.

Let in calm, contentment, peace and safety.

Ooooh!  I tried it on for size and it felt good!

I’m eternally grateful to Sonja for pointing this out to me.

So now, if I find myself struggling and striving, I remind myself that there’s nowhere to go, that I am there already.

I’m reprogramming myself for mindfulness and living in the moment.

This makes me feel centred, calm, peaceful and fully in NOW.

I let it go.

We are, after all, human beings and not human doings 😉

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to serving you again soon!