A lot of clients come to me and say that they feel stuck. They doubt and second-guess themselves constantly and, like deer in the headlights, freeze and end up not moving forwards with their decision, life or business.

They beat themselves up with criticism and blame which makes the matter worse.

This is a very common issue that I help clients with and luckily there are a number of very effective things you can do to get yourself out of a rut and become unstoppable. In fact, the list is so long that I’m making a couple of blog posts out of it.

Here goes:


Are you worrying about all the things you haven’t achieved? Do you think more about what you want than what you’ve already got? Then, my lovely, you need a good dose of GRATITUDE.

  • For your good health.
  • For your loving relationships.
  • For the roof over your head.
  • For the food on your table.
  • For the sunshine.
  • For the rain.
  • For those that help you do what you do.
  • For the lessons you learn every day.
  • For the loving kick up the backside that the Universe gives you every now and again.
  • For your strength to expand your comfort zone.

Try it.

Write down at least three things you’re grateful for in a journal or notebook just before you go to sleep every night. If you want to add some volume, write down WHY you’re grateful for those things, too.

And watch yourself get unstuck and unstoppable!


Is something someone did or said to you or an event in the past holding you back and still triggers you when you think about it?

How have you been looking after yourself these past few decades? Are you kind to yourself? Do you cut yourself some slack? Or are you your own worst enemy?

It’s time for forgiveness. Time to let go. Time to let go of past hurts. Time to forgive those that hurt you.

And time to forgive YOURSELF.

This is a biggie.

Most of the time when I think about who I can forgive, I mostly end up forgiving myself. For being too hard on myself. For being triggered by family members. For past attitudes and opinions that didn’t serve me. For being human.

And when you forgive others, it doesn’t mean that you’re letting them off the hook. It means that you’re letting go and releasing the aspect of what they did or said so that it doesn’t hurt you anymore. You’re letting go of the pain and liberating yourself. So that you can move on with your life without the burden. You become unstuck and unstoppable!

Who do you need to forgive today?


Were you ever praised as a kid? This is the kind of praise I got:

“That’s great, Suzanne, but….”

Which part of the sentence do you think little Suzanne always heard? Right. The end bit. The knock-down. The punch to the stomach. The “proof” that I wasn’t good enough (yet again).

And then I discovered self-praise.

At night, when I write down what I’m grateful for that day, I also write down three things that I did well that day. (No double-negatives or disguised praise, please, like, I didn’t manage to blow up the kitchen when cooking dinner tonight).

Genuine praise:

  • I did my best on that task today
  • I cooked a lovely meal tonight
  • I smiled and said good morning to the postwoman

This way, you begin to recognise how well you’re actually doing (rather than listing all the things you didn’t get round to doing and beating yourself up for it).

And you become unstuck and unstoppable!

If you are criticised by someone (cos it’s gonna happen), it deflects much more easily, too.

How do you feel about self-praise? Where in your life could you start praising yourself instead of criticising?

4. Hypnosis

If you really want to become unstuck at a deep level, hypnosis combines all of the above plus many, many more aspects of learning to love yourself, becoming resilient to all that life has thrown and will throw at you – so that you truly become unstoppable!

If you’d like to find out more, book a chat here and let’s talk.

Thank you for reading my blog and I’m looking forward to serving you again next time.