Do you work on your own from home or with a remote team?  Are you a freelancer, service provider, entrepreneur or a mum with a ton of family and home projects?

Do you sometimes not feel in the mood to do the work?

Maybe you’re not sure what to do or even how to proceed today. Have your energy levels dipped and with it your sense of hope? 

You know it’ll pass, but how can you boost your energy levels yourself?

Well, here’s food for thought I picked up recently from the fabulous book The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.

Steve suggests in Chapter 59 that you can get your work done by treating it as a blue collar job.

He says that if you have a “game” to play every day, your hope and energy levels, far from being a problem, will stay high.  However, if you don’t have a game, a goal, a schedule of your activities, then your mood can plummet.

What about creating a game by drawing yourself up a scorecard or schedule for a set amount of income-creating activities each day?  A set number of pages to write if you’re an author or to translate if you’re a translator? Or a log of minutes on the phone with potential clients if you’re a sales rep.?

You get to set the daily goal and the prize at the end of it when you complete your assignment.

He says:

“Do you think truckers have this same problem? Is there something called Trucker’s Block, where a driver wakes up and finds his mood isn’t right for driving today?

No.  A trucker drives his truck no matter what his energy or hope levels are.

He has a schedule and a destination map, and he follows it no matter what.”

Steve, therefore, suggests that you make as many of your tasks blue-collar activities as possible so that it doesn’t matter what your mood is, what level your energy is at or how much hope you have.  If you log in and log out every time you do these activities and gradually increase the amount of time you spend on these tasks every day, your productivity, effectiveness and, ultimately, your bank balance will rocket.

Measure the activities and not the results.  Do it every day. 

Freelance or entrepreneurial work is no different to a corporate or municipal job.  Office employees work for eight hours a day on what they’re paid to do, whether they feel like it or not.  They are motivated because they want to keep their jobs.

Why should your work be any different just because you work for yourself?  It’s not! (Unless you’re not committed to keeping your business alive…)

So get a routine.  Clock in and clock out.  Measure your activities.  Make a game of it.  Create a roadmap for yourself.  Set yourself a target.  Reward and praise yourself at the end of the day when you achieve it.

Rinse and repeat.  Every. Single. Day.

And watch your business take off!

Next time someone asks you what you do, tell them you’re a blue-collar worker 😉

If you think that this method simply wouldn’t work for you because of x, y or z, why not consider exploring hypnosis coaching to find a tailor-made way out of your own creative block?

Whenever you’re ready, book a chat here and let’s talk.  Tell me what you want to change and how you’d love to be.  I’ll get you truckin’ and lovin’ it in no time.