Do you know you’re wonderful?

Because you already are.

All of your experiences, journeys, mistakes, successes, ups and downs, highs and lows… they made who you are today.

Do you look at your past as a positive or negative thing?

Do you feel not good enough?

Do you feel unloved?

Because you don’t need to.

Your past has brought you to this point but it doesn’t rule you.  It doesn’t dictate what happens next.

Only you do that.

I used to feel unloved and not good enough.

I wasn’t the kind of girly girl my parents really wanted.

I felt frequently criticised because praise was always followed by a big fat BUT.

I was ganged up on as a 7-year old by three so-called friends from Brownies.

I was consistently ridiculed when I was in my late teens by a clique at school.

I felt not good enough and misunderstood.

I was constantly trying to please everyone.

My opinion didn’t count for anything.

I wasn’t allowed to have a voice.

Right up until I realised I didn’t need to feel and be all of that anymore.

When I realised that I could change.

When I made the decision to change and to hell with the consequences.

When I decided I had no choice but to finally become ME.

In fact, I became grateful for my past because it created the amazing person I am today.

My stuff is unique to me.  Which makes me unique!  No one in the world has ever been or will ever be quite like me.

I’m proud of myself.  I love myself.  Look how totally at home I feel in my skin!  Look how tall I am!

I found my way, and what a bloody good way it is too.

By understanding the past.

Discovering clarity.

Allowing forgiveness.

Finding closure.

Embracing gratitude.

Learning to give myself what I didn’t receive as a child.

Feeling safe enough to move onwards and upwards.

I know I’ll stumble again one day but this time I’m ready.

I trust now, and that makes everything possible.

And you can do it too.

It doesn’t matter what’s in your past.  Today, you can change.

Today you can take a different fork in the path.

Today you can decide to move forwards and that will change the rest of your life.

Because you can.

Because you are wonderful!

Are you ready to crank up your wonderfulness?

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