“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” – F. Matthias Alexander


Habits are everything. They literally decide your future.


And did you know that if you identify a habit you want to change, you don’t BREAK it to change it?


Instead, you make a new, beneficial habit to REPLACE the old, unwanted one.


That’s the KEY to changing habits and improving your future.


Making (and sticking to!) new, beneficial habits sounds like far too much hard work. Especially when you have to remind yourself every day NOT to do what you’ve been doing (or not doing!) for too long.


It’s exhausting.


That’s because most people are using their logical, conscious, thinking minds to try to change things.


Willpower won’t get you far – you’ll find yourself quickly reverting back to old and unhelpful ways that don’t get you ANYWHERE NEAR where you want to go.


Or you find yourself stopping and going, taking two steps forwards and one step back.


Frustrating, innit?


Well, there’s light at the end of the bad-habit/dim future tunnel.


There’s a simple solution to this problem, a sure-fire way to change your unwanted habits into super-habits that leapfrog you into your dream future.


The quick, easy and long-lasting way to change a habit is to FIRE UP YOUR IMAGINATION.


And the easiest and most effortless way to do that is through hypnosis.


For example, let’s take my client, C*.


She was frustrated at how little she was getting done in her studies with small children to look after and a household to run. In the past, she’d started other training and qualifications twice and given up twice before reaching out to me for help.


Because willpower and beating herself up wasn’t getting her anywhere fast.


This time she was ready and willing to do something different to get radically different results.


And after just the FIRST session with me, she was on a productivity streak!


She’d never worked so much on her studies since starting the uni course last autumn and she was ENJOYING IT and was EXCITED!


Three sessions later and many old emotions decluttered, she’s still being the most productive she’s ever been and absolutely LOVING it!


Because for C* and for most people, it isn’t just about dumping the old habit and learning how to be productive or make new habits–

She’d tried that and failed many times–


Old emotions and episodes have to be gently explored and unravelled FIRST before you can become who you want to be.


And that’s where I can help you too, with my bespoke, four-week, 1:1 hypnotherapy programme.


I will help you:


1. Get clarity on exactly what unwanted habits you want to change and how you’d love to be instead

2. Dive deeply and gently into the feelings attached to the old habits and release them

3. Uncover blocks and outdated beliefs that are holding you back

4. Move forwards in leaps and bounds so that your new habits are anchored, feel like second-nature and are turbo-charging your future.


The investment: €997 and 360 minutes of your time (in 90 min sessions over four weeks).


So, over to you:

Are you fed up with not being where you want to be in your business, career or life? Do you want to break up with willpower? Become besties with your imagination? And turbo-charge your future?

Send me a message and let’s talk HERE.