Feeling icky? It might be a growth spurt

I’ve been feeling particularly icky this week. Weird moods, downers for no apparent reason, self-doubt, generally bleurgh.
Most things have been a bit of a struggle and I’m wondering why.
Heaviness with a lack of joy and lightness.
My usual enthusiasm and ease have been AWOL.
I mean, how could I be down during one of the most amazing summers EVER? (apart from the lack of proper sleep due to 30 degrees indoors at night for the past 6 weeks).
How could I not love the fact that I’m actually working on creating a life and a business that I love? (apart from the fact that I’m still a little confused how to actually do it).
What’s to be bleurgh about being here for my youngest son when he needs me during the school summer holidays? (apart from the confusing feelings that when I’m with him I want to be at my desk, and when I’m at my desk, I want to be with him).

So what the heck is going on?

Well, my lovely, I can put most of it down to GROWTH.
Sounds weird but it is what it is.
You see, apart from running my therapy practice on a daily basis, I’ve also been doing a live and intensive 15-week online business strategy course.
And, blimey, has it been an emotional, inspiring, wonderful, gritty, confusing, frustrating, baffling and amazing experience. Led by an experienced and fab biz coach and learning with a bunch of other determined, inspiring, encouraging, supportive and wonderful female biz owners.
So no wonder I’ve been feeling up, down, round-about, weird and totally out of my depth.
Because I’m LEARNING intensively.
I’m pushing my boundaries BIG TIME.
I’m scared A LOT of the time.
I feel OVERWHELMED all of the time.
Will I EVER understand all the things and turn them into something good?
And I’m THIS CLOSE to giving up (sometimes, for a nanosecond).
It’s Thursday and after about 5 days of this ickiness, I’ve concluded:

It all comes down to GROWTH.

Aaahhh! (Deep breath): I’m not going mad (for a second there… 😉)
Because when we push our boundaries, OF COURSE it feels different to our norm.
When we learn something new, it’s new, so that’s why it FEELS uncomfortable.
When we expand and inch closer to our goals/dreams/vision, it’s going to be bloody scary! (I mean, what if I achieve my goals/dreams/vision? I won’t have anything left to strive for…..)
(and that’s a WHOLE new topic, sister!)
Anyhoo, I’m relieved that I’ve realised – with the help of my coach and course sisters – that it’s all GROWING PAINS.

Keep on keeping on

Now I’ve fathomed that, it’s time to keep on keeping on with the good work, Suzanne!
Step by baby step.
Incremental shuffle by painstakingly slow waddle.
Helping my amazing clients.
Working on my mindset.
Doing the work.
Taking action = Finding clarity.
(Spoiler: None of the above EVER stops if you want to move forwards with your life and grow).
And as long as I continue loving and doing what I do, growth spurts are gonna be par for the course.
I’d love to know what you’re struggling with at the moment – leave me a comment below and let me know.
Thanks for reading my blog and I’m looking forward to serving you again soon.