Now you can find out in the video below what happens in a real, full-length session with my client.

Charlotte feels like she’s holding herself back from attracting the kind of and amount of clients she wants in her new coaching practice.

She’s very confident of her coaching skills but doesn’t feel comfortable about “putting herself out there” with her marketing, especially on video.

She wants more self-belief and confidence that her business will work and that she’ll attract the right clients naturally and with ease. She would love to use her intuition more and be able to do what’s right for her and not follow what everyone else is doing.

Charlotte kindly allowed me to publish the Zoom video recording of her first session that took place a few days ago.

So if you’ve ever wondered what actually happens during the first hypnosis session with me, take a look and see.

It’s the exact same process I use with all my new clients in the first session.

Setting The Scene

First of all, we talked about what she wanted to change and how she’d love to be. I got all the details that I think are relevant to moving her to where she wants to go.

By this stage, we’d already had a consultation call and she’d already filled out a form when booking the actual session, so I had a good idea of what she wanted to work on.

Sometimes, though, when the client has mulled it over for a few days since talking to me and filling out the form, new things come to light. So this is always an important part of the process.

Fun Exercises!

Next, I asked Charlotte if she’d ever been hypnotised before or seen anyone being hypnotised. This question is on the booking form too. However, I like to get the details in person and dispel any misunderstandings about hypnosis before we proceed.

Then we come to the fun part!

I explained to Charlotte that I want her to understand, experience and FEEL what it’s like to use her subconscious mind (aka her imagination) and to let go of control (aka her conscious mind wanting to take over), using the power of suggestion.

In order to do this, we did two fun exercises together. Charlotte was really impressed with the results! She was fighting a little with her conscious, controlling mind, but successfully managed to let it go and let her subconscious mind do its perfect work!

Focused Attention In Deep Relaxation – Hypnosis

Then –drum roll– I hypnotised her and started reprogramming her mind for success.

Hypnosis is focused attention while you’re deeply relaxed in mind, body and spirit.

Afterwards, she felt deeply relaxed and reported that a few emotions came up. That’s all good and I’m really pleased with her response.

I sent her a recording of the hypnosis part at the end that she now listens to daily until the next session. This is to reinforce the good work we’ve done in the session.

What’s Next?

In the next session, I’ll use Transforming Therapy™ (TT) tools to help her uncover the “not good enough” feelings and anything else that she would like to release.

This can be talking to the feeling in a part of her body and finding out if another part of her has something to say to that feeling. These dialogues are really powerful!

And I could use age regression with Charlotte to find out more information about when this negative feeling came about and why. This is really powerful too because the client finally gets to understand, forgive, release, and find completion so that she can move on in leaps and bounds in her present life.

Powerful stuff!

Often, it’s not a straight path to your desired outcome, the way you want to feel after working with me. You might wonder where your subconscious mind is taking you.

And it’s all good!

Your imagination and feelings know best. Learning to trust your feelings is a huge part of the work we do together. It’s so empowering!

I don’t usually use TT in the first session with a client because it’s very important to uncover the details of their issue and understand exactly how they’d love to feel and be after working with me.

I also want my clients to understand what hypnosis with me is all about (I guarantee it’s different to any other hypnosis you’ve ever done!)

I want to start the powerful process of reprogramming my client’s mind.

That’s a lot for a first session!

So, enough of me explaining–

Put the kettle on, grab your headphones and see for yourself!

And if you want to change something and you’d like my help, book a chat here and let’s talk.