We’re your hosts, Kim and Suzanne, two Brits who have been living and thriving in Germany for several years. We aim to help you thrive here too by sharing our experiences and weird and wonderful stories.

In today’s episode, Easter in Germany, we talk about:

  • What the date 11.11. has got to do with Easter in Germany and the HUGE difference between what happens in Germany and the UK.
  • The only time of the year in Germany that people can get away with wearing a polar bear costume to the supermarket and no one bats an eyelid.
  • The supposed origin of Easter egg hunts.
  • An amusing story from Suzanne’s school exchange at Easter to Hanau near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
  • The UK’s exciting contribution to the carnival season/beginning of Lent 😉
  • The national law in Germany that forbids you from having fun over the Easter bank holiday weekend 😲
  • Decorating for Easter in Germany
  • What we miss from the UK
  • The scary side of Easter in Germany 😅

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