#ShouldIsShit – find out why in the short video below:

If you want to achieve your goals so much more easily and effortlessly, then drop the word “should” from your vocabulary.


is someone else’s expectations of you – not your own.

You want to find your own path – your own way to achieving the next big step in your business or life – and I can guarantee you, you won’t manage it if you follow the shoulds.

There will be a pull towards the thing from your logical, conscious mind (“I should do this”) and a pull back from your imagination, your subconscious mind (“It doesn’t feel right to me”).

And your subconscious mind will always win.

Instead, get both parts of your mind working together as a team by finding out what YOU want to do to achieve your goals.

What FEELS right for YOU?

Take a minute and be calm, relax and ask yourself: What do I want? How can I achieve it? What’s the right way for me?

Which “shoulds” can you drop today?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’d like to learn to let go of other people’s expectations, want to stop people-pleasing and do what YOU want to do, living your life on your terms, doing business the way that suits YOU, then book a chat here and let’s talk about how I can help you become free of all that and thrive.