Or rather, what would I change about myself?

Or to be more specific and proactive, what do I want to change about myself in 2018?

Well, I see myself as a work in progress and would like to change a number of things that are not in line with my thinking at the moment.

1. My money mindset

What’s this, you might ask?  This is the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and habits that I have acquired over the years since early childhood, about all things to do with money, wealth, finances.

I have been working on this for a few months now and have discovered a number of money memories that I wish to give back to those who gave them to me and forgive them and me (here are some of mine in no particular order):

  • you have to be provided for by a man
  • as a woman you have to give up all ambition for a fulfilling job to look after the children and work part-time while your partner goes out and has a meaningful career
  • I only work for pin-money
  • my family will suffer if I work too much
  • I will be neglecting my household responsibilities if I work too much
  • money spoils children
  • you lose all your friends when you have money
  • it’s not moral to talk about and have a lot of money
  • don’t trust people with money – they can’t have gained it by honest means
  • don’t talk about money
  • you’ve either got it or you haven’t
  • I bet they inherited it – that’s not available to normal people
  • I have to work hard for money
  • It’s not worth earning more than xyz because it’ll all get taken away in taxes and health insurance contributions (this one especially since I’ve been living in Germany).

You know, all the “you can’t have your cake and eat it” type of cliches, but ones that I actually experienced first hand when I was growing up.

For example, I did in fact lose all my friends when my Dad finished his qualifications, got a big promotion and we moved 3 miles down the road from our 3 bed-semi to a 4-bed detached house in a sought-after neighbourhood.

This one still holds me back although it happened when I was a child.  When I couldn’t be part of the decision as to whether we moved or not and when I couldn’t just drive round to my friends’ houses when I wanted to.  I lost them because I couldn’t see them anymore.  So somewhere along the line, my subconscious mind equated: money = no friends.

Now that I am aware of this, I am working on reprogramming my subconscious mind to know that this cannot happen to me as an adult.  I’m safe and it’s okay to have lots of money and I’ll still have friends.

Plus, there are money-related self-sabotages, like the “feast or famine” cycle (either having lots of money or none – this is one of mine I’m working on) and making yourself ill when things are going well (luckily not one of mine).

2. My focus and concentration

I know that those of you who know me well might be amazed that I want to improve this.  You think of me as being organised and a planner, which I am to some extent, but you can’t organise, plan and execute if you’re constantly distracted!

In this day and age of social media, it’s so easy to go off on a tangent and before you know it, half an hour as passed and you can’t remember anymore what you unlocked your phone for.  It certainly wasn’t to trawl my FB notifications, but what was it…?

Or those really interesting, informative and potentially life-changing emails you get!  I love learning but I admit I am a recovering newsletter, workshop and webinar junkie, because, you know, the next offer might be the THE ONE fix I need to get where I want to go fast.

I’ve realised that they are all just distracting me from my mission of having a successful online business helping women to achieve greater things through hypnosis.

I have massively unsubscribed from many newsletters and can enjoy the few that pop into my email inbox instead.  I love Marie Forleo’s weekly newsletter, Denise Duffield-Thomas’ weekly blog post, Courtney Carver’s sporadic offerings, Leonie Dawson’s mad ramblings and daily Notes From The Universe.  The rest I can’t remember, so I’ll unsubscribe from those too.  And if I can’t live without them, I know where to find them 😉

Plus, I have the added “distractions” of kids (who come home from school at 1.30pm and have 13 weeks of holiday), a husband, a dog, a 20-hour a week salaried job, household chores and a need for 7 hours of sleep, so in the little time I have left over to work on and in my passion – my coaching business – I need to buckle down, focus and concentrate.

3. Strange behaviour twice a year

I thought this might grab your attention.  I’m talking about very occasional, alarmingly-high alcohol consumption.  Let’s put things straight: I rarely drink Sunday to Thursday, I don’t drink during the day (apart from Christmas Day when I’m visiting my parents), and only have a couple of glasses of wine some Fridays and Saturday evenings and on some birthdays. BUT!  Every now and again (twice a year?) I go berserk, do crazy things under the influence and can’t remember much the next day.  It’s scary and I want to change it.

I haven’t decided if I am going to go teetotal (tough when it comes to social drinking.  Plus what can I drink instead?  Sugar-filled drinks are not an alternative for me (including juice) so that leaves me with water and tea…) or I just stick to two glasses only and stop.  But then my inhibitions are down and my resolve crumbles.  Or I just forget.  Hmmm.

I think I need to get to the bottom of this with my mentor and tutor, master hypnotherapist and trainer, Dr John Butler.  Even the coaches need coaches to make them even better ones 🙂

So, what would you like to change in 2018?  Why not let me know in the comments below.

If you’ve had enough, or if you don’t know what the point of anything is anymore, or if you have realised that change is actually possible and want it, then why not make a free, initial contact call with me and we can see how I can help you make that change to live a freer, easier life.

And if you are certain you want to change and you want it NOW rather than later, be bold and good to yourself and choose my discounted coaching package of one free, initial contact call plus three one-to-one sessions in person or online via zoom (works like a dream).

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Thanks for reading my blog!

Lots of love and all the best,

Suzanne xx