We’re your hosts, Kim and Suzanne, two Brits who have been living and thriving in Germany for a number of years. Our aim is to help you thrive here too by sharing our experiences and weird and wonderful stories.

In this episode, I interview Kim about:

  • The levels of acceptance of being gay in Germany and the UK
  • Why staring is just “looking” in Germany
  • A couple of stories from Kim’s experiences in both countries
  • The difference in feelings of safety
  • The way people talk about being gay in private and publicly
  • Gender language and playing the “partner” game
  • How to find a gay community in Germany
  • Challenges and discrimination
  • Public bathrooms and misgendering
  • Pride vs Christopher Street Day (CSD)
  • Pink Monday
  • Support systems in Germany for LGBTQ+ people
  • Funny stories
  • “Patchwork families”

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