In today’s episode, entitled “Finding your home from home in Germany,” we share our personal experience and expertise, and provide valuable insights into the process of finding decent accommodation in Germany.

As foreigners who have been living in Germany for many years, Kim and I aim to help people wanting to move to Germany in navigating the rental accommodation market successfully.

We even touch on house-buying in this episode too.

As usual, we tell some funny stories about our experiences.

We talk about:

  • Different types of accommodation available in Germany: apartments, houses & shared flats
  • Understanding rental costs
  • Researching rental laws and tenant rights in Germany
  • Factors to consider when choosing a location: proximity to work, amenities, transportation
  • Tips for finding accommodation: online platforms, local newspapers, word-of-mouth, networking
  • Understanding rental contracts and negotiating terms
  • The Importance of having proper documentation and meeting requirements
  • Dealing with language barriers and cultural differences in the accommodation rental process

We hope that our conversation gives some insights and practical advice for foreigners wanting to move to Germany, and will help you increase your chances of finding suitable housing and settling comfortably and quickly in Germany.

Links and Tips

  • Google your local newspaper for small ads to find accommodation.
  • Look for Facebook groups for your new area/city to ask for tips.
  • Google relocation specialists for your area or ask your company if they provide this service for you.
  • Google “Mieterbund or Mieterverein + your city/area” to find a local tenants’ association for legal advice.


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