Hi, I’m Suzanne Dinter.

I help fellow high-performing expats quickly and effectively navigate the emotional side of change so that they feel happy, calm and fulfilled again. 

Hi, I’m Suzanne Dinter.

I help fellow high-performing expats quickly and effectively navigate the emotional side of change so that they feel happy, calm and fulfilled again.

Do you know that you have EVERYTHING inside of you to achieve anything that you desire?

Let me empower you to clear unwanted blocks.  Release outdated beliefs.  Reprogramme your mind to reach your goals.


You’re smart, successful and an expert in your own field but you feel like you’re getting in your own way. You’re afraid to put yourself out there, become truly visible and make a BIG difference.

You know that making videos, doing FB lives, going to networking events and presenting at business meetings would take your business or career to the next level, but the idea of it fills you with dread.

Your hands become sweaty, your heart races, your throat tightens and you forget what you wanted to say. Your voice is shaky, croaky or non-existent and you’d rather hide under the duvet than stand in front of a camera or crowd and speak.

You feel self-conscious because everyone is looking at you, and all the while you’re going red and wanting the ground to open up and swallow you. You want to run the other way and find a million excuses not to do it.

And that video you want to make to promote your business? You either can’t bring yourself to press “record” or you delete it because you think you’re talking rubbish and look awful. You’re not good enough, you don’t know enough and who’d want to see it anyway? 

Where you want to go

You want to feel confident, calm and happier in your own skin when presenting, networking and making videos for your business.

You’d love to feel confident and comfortable on social media, putting your opinion and expertise out there without worrying about what people might say.

You want it to feel easy, natural and flowing to write content. You want to confidently press “post” without self-doubt making you rewrite and delete it 100 times and give up.

You’d love to confidently say, “Yeah, I’ll do that” when asked to do an impromptu presentation.You want to change.

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

Let me gently help you achieve what you want.

Assist you to move easily from one success to the next.

Re-awaken the self-belief and confidence you were born with.

Let go to the hurt, criticism and fear so that you can soar to new heights and feel fantastic!

empowering you to help yourself

I know.  I’ve been there myself.

I’ve tried a multitude of different tools, therapies and methods over the past 20 years, and nothing works quite like hypnosis.  Hypnosis helps you to get ALL parts of your mind working together as a team. And boy, it’s so exhilarating when that happens!  In fact, I was so impressed with the changes that I experienced through hypnosis that I HAD to train in hypnosis to be able to help others achieve the same.

I can assist you to move from one success to the next.  I believe in you and know that you can do it.  It’s all inside of you.  Let me help you unleash your power.
I know how to quickly clear blocks and dispel unwanted beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.  And then you can soar to new heights of success in life and business!


“Being hypnotised is something completely different than I thought.”

I was hesitant because I didn’t know if hypnosis would work for me. My only experience of it was watching hypnotist comedy shows on TV. Being hypnotised is something completely different than I thought.

After moving to Germany I became withdrawn, depressed and full of anxiety. I just stayed at home and wasn’t open to meeting new people.

However, right from the first session with Suzanne, I haven’t had any panic attacks and I’ve been really optimistic and hopeful for the future. This is really big because I had felt so lost and hopeless after moving to Germany.

Now I’m a lot more open to meeting new people and new experiences. I feel confident and I’ve easily made friends.

I really liked the part of her coaching where I could talk about my problems. Suzanne listened to my worries and guided me in the right direction to find solutions.

What I really love is the 10-15 minutes daily programming part [the personalised hypnosis recording Suzanne sent me after each session]. It’s refreshing and uplifting and I look forward to it every day. It’s the calm part of my day and afterwards, I feel relaxed and confident.

I would recommend Suzanne’s coaching. It’s life-changing!

Rebecca Schlichting

Canadian mom and student living in Germany

“I feel like a different person.”

I signed up to work with Suzanne nearly a year ago after a friend referred me. At the time, I was struggling with general anxiety and was overwhelmed by daily stresses of life. I was lacking my usual energy and frustrated to not be feeling my typical self. I was uncertain about my future goals and unable to think clearly enough to start making progress towards them.

Fast forward 10 months, after working with Suzanne to address these issues. I feel like a different person. I am much calmer and better able to manage my daily stresses. I am full of energy and optimistic about the future. I have a clear vision of my goals, and have been achieving them, one after another, at a seemingly non-stop pace.

Suzanne is very easy to open up to, and makes her clients feel very safe and comfortable. She is very perceptive and quickly gets to the root causes of the issues at hand. You will notice progress after just one session with her, and massive transformations after a few sessions.

The best part of working with her is the fact that you are provided with audio tapes to continue making progress in your own time and when it best suits you.

I highly recommend working with Suzanne if you are looking for options to get yourself out of a rut and start living the life you’ve always imagined.


American Global Project Manager for an international organisation living and working in Germany

“Suzanne was able to shift a negative belief I had about myself for half of my life.”

Beata Sinclair

Polish expat in Australia, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert

Let’s do this work together

Don’t wait any longer to find the contentment, happiness and sense of belonging that is your birthright.

Let me help you live life to the fullest!


The Quantum Leap Programme

My bespoke VIP one-to-one programme that’ll help you make a Quantum Leap in your life.

What do you want to change and how would you love to be?

What do you want to change? How would you love to be?